Values and Ethos

Statement of Intent

The pupils at Greenlands are easily distinguished by the personal qualities they present. They are happy, articulate and hard-working children who celebrate their own uniqueness and that of others. At Greenlands Community Primary School, our aim is to achieve the highest possible standards for all pupils; we aspire to ensure every pupil experiences opportunities to develop as independent, resilient and collaborative learners. Not only will they be equipped with the skills necessary to become successful, moral adults who live a healthy lifestyle, they will have the confidence, knowledge and passion to follow their dreams. Within school, we care deeply about the whole child and their emotional health and we believe that childhood should be a happy and investigative time, where there are no limits to curiosity. Staff and pupils have a thirst for new experiences and knowledge and we consider curiosity to be the engine of achievement. With this in mind, at the heart of our bespoke and child-centred curriculum, are questions designed to nurture the children’s natural inquisitiveness and ignite a love of lifelong learning.

Permeating our curriculum are our core values of respect, compassion, trust, resilience, perseverance and ambition. We recognise that parental and community involvement is an integral part of our curriculum and that these values can but be strengthened through collaboration with the parents and carers of the pupils at our school. By knowing our pupils well, every child, regardless of their circumstances, are supported to achieve the very best of their potential in all aspects of the curriculum.


We listen to each other and value what others say. Through the School Council we have a strong pupil voice.

Rule of Law

We all follow our class rules. We treat others how we would want to be treated. Certificates, stickers and Golden Time reward our outstanding behaviour.

Individual Liberty

We are encouraged to make choices in a safe and supportive environment. We have a variety of clubs to choose from to attend.

Mutual Respect

We all respect each other at Greenlands. If we fall out we work hard to repair and restore this.


We understand we live in a culturally diverse society. We learn about and value the beliefs of other faiths and cultures.