Religious Education

Our RE is taught following the SACRE Lancashire agreed syllabus for RE.  

During  R.E at Greenlands, children are provided with opportunities to examine both their own and others’ beliefs. Children will think critically about how different views impact society. Children will learn from religious and world views about different ways of life in local, national and global contexts.

They will discover and explore many different answers, including their own, to philosophical questions such as: Who do we and others aspire to? What do people say about God? These are vital skills in preparing children for the ever-changing world in later life. Children need to be empathetic, tolerant, respectful and understand the multicultural society in which we live.

Facilitating opportunities for children to learn about a wealth of beliefs and consider many different answers to important questions about morality, human identity, meaning and value helps to ensure that children are embracing views different from their own. Whilst children learn about others’ beliefs, children are encouraged to develop their own beliefs.  This helps to foster a sense of identity and allows them to become positive contributors to society.